May 23, 2010

Pinnacle Videospin

May 23, 2010

Pinnacle Videospin Full | 168.79 MB

Pinnacle VideoSpin 2.0 allows the user for a few minutes to create your own video from video files, images and music. This appendix contains all the basic functions of video editor - mixing videos, and various transition effects and titles, preview clips after each change, save video in format AVI, MPEG, RealVideo or Windows Media.
In addition, the saved project can be used in Pinnacle Studio. Distinctive feature of the program - is that the finished video can be directly downloaded on popular videoobmenniki. The program supports the import and export of various file formats. I think this is the best option for home movie-maker.

VideoSpin is a free video editor from Pinnacle, which allows editing and enhancing your own films.Pinnacle VideoSpin is a free video editing software with which you can arrange several different videos on a time line in the desired order, upload images, photos, blending effects and add text, sound and underlay your video with music.

VideoSpin is free initially, but after two weeks you have to shell out about US $ 15 on the Advanced Codecs Pack from Pinnacle for the MPEG-2 and -4 codecs, or else VideoSpin can only handle antiquated MPEG-1 videos.Compared to Windows Movie Maker (WMM), VideoSpin offers more features and isn't encumbered by the WMM's severe restriction of only being able to output WMV files. On the downside it isn't free and has higher hardware requirements.

VideoSpin can be seen as compromise between the downmarket WMM and more expensive and cumbersome video editing packages such as Pinnacle Studio or Adobe Premiere Elements.VideoSpin was fielded by Avid after their acquisition of Pinnacle in 2005 to substitute the "genuinley gratis" video editor Avid FreeDV . This tool's for you if you find WMV too restrictive and don't need a full but cumbersome and pricey video editing suite.


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