Apr 18, 2008

Neighbours From Hell 2

Apr 18, 2008


Neighbours from Hell 2, like the previous game in the series, centres around the principal that Woody, the key protagonist within it, is appearing on a television programme following his antics. To progress through the various locations and scenarios, high ratings need to be gained. This can be achieved through the playing of pranks on your victim, the more you successfully carry out, the higher the ratings.

Controls are simple. It’s very much a point ’n’ click affair and, in the early levels, you’ll soon discover that it’s only a matter of picking up a few objects, choosing that object from the inventory running across the bottom of your screen and combining it with a certain ‘fixed’ object (you’ll have guessed how to do it) to produce an accident waiting to happen for your neighbour.

Pentium-compatible MMX processor with at least 233 MHz,
128 MB of RAM,
Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP,
DirectX 8-compatible video card with at least 8 MB of video RAM,
310 MB free hard drive space